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COVID-19 response

The COVID-19 pandemic has required health services to rapidly adjust the way in which they deliver care to patients. SMICS staff have been able to assist health services by providing support to:

  • screen patients and staff arriving for care and work at Alfred Health
  • undertake telephone pre-screening of patients scheduled for face-to-face oncology appointments at Alfred Health
  • convert patients from face-to-face consultations to telehealth appointments at Alfred Health and Monash Health
  • review and collate patient information and education for use in telehealth platforms
  • transition MDMs to an online platform at Peninsula Health.

Ongoing work will help develop or refine processes and protocols to ensure telehealth models continuously improve.

SMICS has also been able to provide considerable secretariat support to the Victorian
COVID-19 Cancer Network Taskforce and affiliated expert working parties.

Established in response to the challenges involved with managing cancer care amid the current global health crisis, the Victorian COVID-19 Cancer Network is a collaboration between MPCCC and the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, which aims to provide support and advice to clinicians and healthcare services treating patients with cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic.