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Message from the Chair, MPCCC Governance Group

Having adopted the role as chair of MPCCC’s Governance Group in May 2020, I would first like to acknowledge the contributions of my predecessor, Professor Andrew Way.

In his two-year term as MPCCC Governance Group Chair, Professor Way worked to systematically streamline the MPCCC’s organisational structure. This included the appointment of a small, focused Executive team to drive day-to-day operations, and the formation of a large, multidisciplinary Advisory Group to assist with prioritising MPCCC’s program of work. The result is a nimble, forward-thinking leadership team, with improved clarity and purpose.

One of MPCCC’s key strengths in its capacity as a consortium is the ability to create forums in which a diverse range of health professionals across a number of organisations can connect and collaborate. In doing so, MPCCC inspires focused programs of work directed at innovating current cancer practices in a way that supports excellence in patient care.

The year has been filled with unprecedented and significant challenges, for both medical research and health services. COVID-19 has tested us all, in particular in thinking differently about how we can deliver safe, effective cancer care to our communities – many of whom are vulnerable and susceptible to COVID-19. Our partnerships provide the platform to deliver patient-centred programs and innovative research in this difficult environment and has revealed the value of MPCCC to our community. MPCCC has played a leading role in Victoria’s transition to a COVID-19-safe cancer care paradigm through statewide collaboration, continuing to meet the needs of people with cancer even in the most challenging times.

The MPCCC’s alliance with the Southern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (SMICS) has enabled a data-driven approach to meeting community needs and rapid implementation of innovative programs that improve access to quality cancer care and equitable delivery of health services.

Through our alliance with Monash Partners Academic Health Science Centre (Monash Partners), MPCCC has the opportunity to influence and align with non-cancer health themes and platforms. This alignment is fundamental to cross-disciplinary research, from which some of the best and brightest discoveries often emerge.

The support of the Victorian Government is vital to the work of MPCCC, and we are grateful for their vision, dedication, flexibility and commitment to our workforce.

I am proud to present the MPCCC 2019–20 annual report, which contains a rich and exciting account of our progress over the past financial year, and our vision for the future. Our consortium is filled with talented people, united in their ambition to improve the experience and quality of care for people with cancer.

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Felicity Topp

Chair, MPCCC Governance Group
Chief Executive, Peninsula Health

Message from the Chair, MPCCC Governance Group