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Measuring patient experiences and outcomes

Two complementary MPCCC pilot projects are trialling the collection of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) and patient-reported experience measures (PREMs) to help cancer patients and clinicians in identifying and addressing a wide range of health concerns. 

Targeted patient questionnaires are used to collect information about how well a patient’s physical, emotional, social and informational needs are being met during their cancer treatment. 

Each pilot project is trialling a different method of data collection. Evaluation will inform broader implementation across MPCCC partners and sites beyond.

Pilot A: Collection of registry-based patient-reported experience and outcomes data

The participants in this pilot are people with pancreatic cancer being treated at Alfred Health, Monash Health, Eastern Health or Peninsula Health. Each participant receives an online survey at regular intervals over the course of their treatment. The data collected through this pilot is integrated into the Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Registry, a clinical quality registry based at Monash University, and will be used to inform future health service planning and research. 

Pilot B: Real-time collection of patient-reported experience and outcomes data

This pilot invites cancer patients at Monash Health to complete a pre-appointment questionnaire with their treating oncologist, providing ‘real-time’ feedback about their health concerns and quality of life. Patients’ responses are discussed during their appointment and enable appropriate, targeted and holistic cancer management and referrals for care.